ATL Trap Essentials



ATL Trap Essentials delivers five master-crafted trap construction kits that capture the essence of Atlanta. These kits are full of hypnotic melodies, soulful chords, and futuristic vocal samples. ATL Trap Essentials also includes authentic TR-808 drums, including hard-hitting kicks, snappy claps, and crispy snares and percussion. Inspired by Drake, Migos, Travis Scott, Lil Baby, Nba Youngboy, Toosii, Gunna, and many more, ATL Trap Essentials was produced by Mysta KinFolk in conjunction with multi-platinum producer Keith Clizark.   Track List: 01 138 F#min 02 140 Gmin 03 137 F#min 04 140 Dmin 05 150 Emin


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