Hip Hop Chop Shop 2 $24.95



Team Mashn Sound Design is back with “Hip Hop Chop Shop 2”, the ultimate chops of old school Soul music. This time around we sped the tempos up, 91 to 116 bpm. “Hip Hop Chop Shop 2” features vocal chops, fat vinyl kicks, full nappy snare and crispy hats “Hip Hop Chop Shop 2” captures the essence of the 70’s soul music. This incredible construction kit will inspire you and add more depth to your compositions! “Hip Hop Chop Shop 2” is Produced by Frost Gamble in conjunction with multi-platinum producer Keith Clizark. Track List: 
01 Southside 091 Cmaj 02 We're Here 116 Dmin 03 Lizard Skin 100 Bmaj 04 By Beach 110 Dmaj 05 Moon Chutes 096 Fmin


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